Mommy’s Weekly Wrap Up: January 15-21

Whew!  What a week!

As a teacher, work is very cyclical and challenging in different ways throughout the semester.  For the first two weeks of the semester, I got to spend more time lesson planning and reconnecting with students.  Now that we are three weeks in, I have all that AND mounds of grading that needs to be done.  The beginning of the semester honeymoon is over.

Also, this week we experienced some pretty severe weather.  This year we are having the repeating and continuous threat of flooding in the area, especially in the area where I work.  To top it off, the school where I work lost power on Wednesday evening and didn’t return until almost 2 on Thursday.  The powers that be decided that school shouldn’t be canceled, so we spent the day teaching in dark, cold classrooms without working bathrooms or running water.  Ugh! We did have port-a-potties, but if you can imagine sharing a port-a-potty with middle and high school students you can probably also imagine the horrors that go along with that.  I am so exhausted and made some not-so-great choices this week.

Still, I can’t help but put a positive spin on the week.  To start, the challenges that I am facing at work have reinforced the fact that I am unhappy at work and it is time to move on.  This has prompted me to re-write my resume so that I am ready when the time comes to apply for jobs for next school year.

And my questionable food choices are so much better than they were before.  I ate out a couple of time this week, but I didn’t spend the weekend in a face full of nachos.  Its all relatives.

So, here is what we ate this week:

Breakfasts (on repeat): 

  • Italian Sausage or Chorizo with Easy Weekday Potatoes
  • Eggs and Bacon with Fruit
  • Lots of Kale for me! (Not B)


  • Lots of leftovers for both B and I


  • Monday: Mongolian Beef ~ Fed and Fit Website
  • Tuesday:Creole Jambalaya ~ Fed and Fit Cookbook page 248
  • Wednesday: Tandori Chicken Nuggets ~ Fed and Fit Cookbook  258
    • Served with white rice (not paleo) and roasted purple cauliflower
  • Chipotle  on Thursday because there was no was I was cooking
  • Friday: Grilled Steak and Asparagus
  • Saturday: Taqueria Carne asada, spanish rice (not paleo), fajita veggies and avocado.

Weekly Workouts:

  • Crossfit Monday and Tuesday (and I am REALLY needed to squeeze in one more day)
  • Yoga: Saturday