Snack Week?!?!

Kindergarten has brought so many new challenges. One of them has been getting used to my roll as a parent rather than the teacher. There’s a whole new list of responsibilities, one of which is providing snack for her class for a week… and it’s my week.

I think most moms would pick up some snacks that their own kid enjoyed without much thought. Not me. I have been contemplating snack choices for weeks now. I am a chronic meal planner.  I hate not knowing what our next meal is going to be. That’s one of the reasons that I decided to start this blog… it’s a natural progression for this odd compulsion to plan, plan, plan.

Ideally, I’d provide minimally processed foods. Not necessarily Paleo, but something I wouldn’t hesitate to provide my daughter. However, there are several challenges that Inhave to keep in mind:

  1. We are not rich and providing snack for 28 kids for 5 days isn’t cheap.  Unfortunately, it seems that the more processed the food, the less expensive it is. 
  2. Most kids don’t eat like my kid. My kid would eat anything in a wrapper because we don’t usually have that stuff at home. It is a special treat to her.  But other kids… not so much. One time I brought snack to t-ball practice and two kids actually cried. CRIED!
  3. There isn’t refrigeration in the classroom and homemade foods are a no-no. 

I got word that there were no food allergies in class this year, so that helps but…..!!!!

Here is what I picked up along with my reasons:

  • Mandarin oranges (Halos) -They are fruit. They are easy to pass out and eat. Most kids seem to like them. I bring them for my high school students and they are gone in no time.
  • Applesauce pouches– I found some that contained only apple and apple juice concentrate. I know adding apple juice concentrate is a way of adding sugar without having to include sugar on the label. It’s not ideal, but they are easy to pass out and didn’t have a bunch of other stuff. I considered individual packs of sliced apples, but those weren’t in the budget. Also, they were on sale.
  • Chiobani Yogurt Tubes– They contain some protein and fat (although low fat was the only option 🙁). They can be frozen so that they can be left out. They do contain added sugar but at 6 grams of sugar per serving this was one of the lowest sugar snack options I found.
  • Annie’s Granola Bars – These were the lowest sugar granola bars I found and I looked at every single box. Many granola or cereal bars had well over 10 grams of sugar per serving.
  • Bananas – Easy to eat and most kids like them. 

Many of these aren’t ideal. I would love feedback and suggestions about what you do when it’s your turn to provide snack. 


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