Weekly Wrap Up ~ January 9th – 15th

Last week, we had a pretty successful week. B returned to school and I returned to work after 3 weeks off. I know, feel bad for me.

You would think that those I could have used some of those three weeks off to do a little extra meal prep for those three days off, but unfortunately our fridge said it’s final farewell, taking with it everything in our fridge and all of the premise meals I had been saving for future go to meals.  We without a fridge for 8 days and Our new one didn’t come until the Friday before I returned to work.

Most of last weekend was spent prepping and restocking the fridge.  I did another prep day on Wednesday to help get us through the week.

Here’s what we ate last week:



  • Me:Leftovers on repeat
  • B: lunchmeat, frozen veggies, a clementine and lemony blueberry muffins from Practical Paleo 2nd Edition or leftovers


I did all of my cooking in 2 evenings with minimal prep and cooking on a third night. I also managed to go to Crossfit 2 times and went back to Yoga on Saturday after a month-long hiatus.


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